Ridiculous Sign Waving Staff Members Protesting at USP Victorville

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Diana Elliott, Sandra Carpenter, and Scott Reynolds protesting immigrants outside USP Victorville last year. A lot of people were upset that ICE sent a bunch of illegal aliens to Victorville, but I was surprised to see paid babysitters protest more business. Especially when that business gives them even more excuses for not doing their jobs. As someone that was there long before all the new aliens arrived I can tell you that people did not care about doing their jobs then and I doubt that they have changed. Obviously these three ridiculous sign waving cry babies are just seizing the day hoping for more pay.

If they really don't feel safe there then they should just quit or go on strike. Just make sure to leave the doors unlocked when you walk out.

I just wish they cared that much about the safety of the inmates there. Reynolds' sign is the only one that might be true, "BUDGET CUTS WILL RESULT IN DEATH!!!" sounds like an excuse from PA-C Bridgitte Wolverton the next time somebody needs a band-aid.

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