Columbia Country Sheriff's Deputy Jonathan Kernutt is a Liar

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Columbia Country Sheriff's Deputy Jonathan Kernutt had me put in the hole for a month because he needed a scapegoat when D-pod smelled like someone else's weed and piss testing the entire unit turned up nothing. I had not smoked weed in nearly a year, yet, mysteriously, the last person to test is the only one that came up positive. That person was me. I appealed, asked to see the results, etc., but they would not show me the results or send it to the lab. They used some sort of cup with a thing on it, so either both my first and second tests were the only dirty ones or Kernutt is full of it.

Why didn't the real smokers come up positive? Because it takes time, at least a few hours, for marijuana to get into someone's system. According to NORML " A user who is clean beforehand can test negative for over 1 - 4 hours " and even then just one use is going to show up quite low when it first enters the urinal tract, so it is questionable how long it would take to show up as dirty on a cup. Nobody that just smoked is going to test dirty unless the test picked up previous marijuana use. That is common knowledge. I was only the last one to test because I had just gone to the bathroom while other people were smoking. Why didn't I tell him who they were? Because I am not a rat.

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