BOP Senior Officer Specialist Saul Luna Assaulted Me in Victorville

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Set Up On:
Last Known Prison Address:
13777 Air Express Blvd.
Documented Injuries:

While lying on the ground in a prone position with my hands cuffed behind my back Senior Officer Specialist Saul Luna punched me in the head many times. Eventually a cut opened up above my hair line and today I have a permanent scar. He then accused me of causing bruises to his hands and took at least 3 weeks of vacation after that. While he was gone other COs would identify me as the reason they lost Luna, but he came back.

I complained to the warden and eventually internal affairs. The warden did nothing, but SIA did transfer his supervisor. I sent a FOIA to BOP and was told that they would not release the surveillance tape unless ordered to do so by a court. They also refused to release his full name citing safety concerns. The only safety concern that they should care about is that of future victims of Luna's, but they lookout for their own.

I have since filed a $4,000,000 tort claim and will sue them promptly once they deny it.

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