Former USP Victorville SHU Lieutenant Scott Williams Punched Me

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Set Up On:
Last Known Prison Address:
13777 Air Expressway Blvd.
Documented Injuries:

In July of 2015 I was brutally beaten by and under the watch of then SHU Lt. Scott Williams. I would have his full name by now, but the BOP is fighting my FOIA request for his identity, the identities of his accomplices, and the surveillance footage. He came onto F-Range in SHU while S.O.S. Luna was punching me in the head, but instead of controlling his man he called me the "stupidest fucking white boy" he had ever seen. Then he took me to the "observation room" where they stripped me down to my boxers, placed me in bone tight restraints that included a black box, and twisted my ankle while one of them kept asking if he should break it. Thankfully they did not break the ankle. Then Lt.Williams kept telling me to stand, but the shackles were too tight and when I fell down he punched me in the face for not standing as directed.

I was then left there until the next shift. I filed a complaint against Lt. Williams and the other officers involved. Once a new Warden took over in March of 2016 I received a Visit from SIA Alvarez (internal affairs officer) and I told him what had happened. He acquired the surveillance tape and I hope that he either still has it or sent it to the Regional Office for review as part of my FOIA request. When Alvarez came to see me I was in SHU again for making hooch and after talking to him Lt. Williams refused to speak with me anymore. He said that I filed some "shit" on him and then said something like "you know I never disrespected you like that" even though he did. Shortly after that conversation he no longer worked there. Another Lt. told my celly that they got rid of Williams, but I also heard reports that they just transferred him across the street to the FCI II.

I would like to convey my thanks to SIA Alvarez for at least doing something. Even if it was just a transfer. Lt. Williams has no business running the SHU or working in corrections in my opinion.

Lt. Scott Williams has tattoos including one featuring an American flag on one arm. He has a bald head and used to be in the Marine Corps.

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