Warden Richard B. Ives Tolerated Human Rights Violations

Blast Zone No. 23
Set Up On: Saturday, January 21, 2017
Category: Corrections, Prison Staff
Last Known Other Location:
Dallas, Oregon
Richard B. Ives's Generic Response:
Warden Richard B. Ives Tolerated Human Rights Violations
Warden Richard B. Ives
After notifying Warden Richard B. Ives that Lt. S. Williams, S.O.S. Luna, and other correctional officers had beaten and tortured me in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) at USP Victorville Richard B. Ives did nothing even though the security tape should have shown me being punched in the head until and after a cut opened up on my head causing me to bleed profusely. This took place while I was lying prone on the floor with my hands cuffed behind my back. Today I have a small scar above the hairline on the front of my head.

After the beating I was taken to the observation room where the officers involved continued to torture me and Lt. Williams personally punched me in the face. Unfortunately this "observation room" has no cameras, but I was filmed by the next shift when I was forced to walk for six minutes in bone tight restraints that caused excruciating pain. In medical they loosened the restraints and I was treated.

I then filed a complaint with the administration, but Warden Ives did nothing.

Warden Ives appears to be the new warden at FCI Sheridan. According to BOP documents. Public records indicate that one Richard Burl Ives moved from the Apple Valley area in California to the above address in Dallas, Oregon near Sheridan in early 2016. Around the time that Warden Ives was replaced at USP Victorville.

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