Before They Were Famous: Tim Allen Turned Fed Before Home Improvement

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Before Tim Allen made it big in Hollywood as star of Home Improvement on ABC, he was drug dealer in Kalamazoo, Michigan that turned informant after being caught with just over 650 grams of cocaine in 1978. Tim's bust could not have come at a worse time as far as the state of the law was concerned in Michigan where the state had just passed a law that upped prison sentences for "more than 650 grams" of cocaine or heroin to life in prison. By agreeing to become a snitch for the feds, Allen was able to avoid a life term by getting his case moved to federal court where the sentencing guidelines at that time were not nearly as harsh.

How much time did Tim Allen do in prison? Tim Allen served two years and four months at FCI Sandstone in Minnesota.

What was Tim Allen's birth name? Tim Allen was born Timothy Alan Dick.

How many people did Tim Allen snitch on? Allen was credited with providing information that led to as many as 20 people being arrested. Some of Allen's victims spent 20 to 30 years behind bars. You can check out the embedded video on this page below this article to hear from the victims of Tim Allen in their own words.

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