Someone Told on Creekside Dental in Kennewick

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216 N. Edison
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"I am concerned that my employers have violated Proclamation 20-24 under the guise of the interpretive statement released April 29th. Several of the hygienists brought up concerns and even referenced the statement. We were informed it was up to the dentist to decide. Our unemployment benefits were also threatened if we did not return to work. Our schedule was full of adult prophies as well as periomaintenance cleanings, only a small portion of which could not be postponed another 3 months. We were also seeing a full schedule of children’s cleanings. We are also scheduled for non emergency procedures Monday morning before the proclamation is set to expire." - Anonymous

The aforementioned complaint was filed in Kennewick, Washington on Saturday May 16, 2020 with L&I DOSH Nathan Kresse against Creekside Dental saying, Business function performed that is non-essential. No email address was given and no phone number was given.

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