Insecure Camera Located in Riverdale of Riverdale Trailer Park

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Category: Police - State
Current Surveillance Address:
41 Lakeview Dr.

An insecure surveillance camera likely belonging to law enforcement has been located in the Riverdale of Riverdale Mobile Home Park in Riverdale, Georgia. The target of this surveillance appears to be a specific trailer at the above mentioned address and possible neighboring trailers. Anyone can control the camera online at by clicking the little icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Similar cameras have been linked to law enforcement in other states and may not be legal without a warrant. Camera operations in other states have not had warrants and at least one federal court has ruled such surveillance to constitute searches under the 4th Amendment that require warrants. Googling the place results in a bunch of negative reviews calling this trailer park "Methville, USA" and similar things, so that probably has something to do with it.

To see other examples of this surveillance elsewhere check out this tag and the last camera we found in Florida which has links to ones found in another state where the cops admitted operating them.

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