Surveillance Camera Targeting Home in Charleston, West Virginia

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Category: Police - Federal
Current Surveillance Address:
117 Avon Street

An insecure police surveillance camera has been identified in Charleston, West Virginia. The camera has a preset that says "117 Avon St." which is how the exact location was found. You can play with the camera yourself at and zoom in while people move stuff out of the shed in the middle of the night. It gives you a really weird feeling like you're witnessing something big going down. Then they go back inside and you become sad that you didn't have something better to do. Then you have to remind yourself that exposing these type of police surveillance operations is important because others have been linked to state and federal agencies that don't always have a warrant, at which point your sense of purpose is regained and if it is not, all you need to do is remind yourself that the First Circuit supports the position that warrants are needed for this kind of stuff.

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