Mount Vernon Police Officer Ryan Hughes Arrested for Endangerment

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Prosecutors say that Mount Vernon Police officer Ryan Hughes recklessly shoved a handcuffed woman so hard that she tripped and ate a cinder block wall. The incident took place in August of 2019 but Hughes was not arrested until this week. He is charged with reckless endangerment. Reckless from a minimalist standpoint perhaps. Officers are trained to lookout for the welfare of handcuffed inmates and know full well that there is little a person in handcuffs can do to stop themselves from falling forward. Officer Hughes should have known better than to have shoved that woman like that.

He really should be charged with assault due to the proximity between the victim and the wall as well as how hard the shove was.

News outlets report that Hughes is 31 years old and "of Yonkers" but we cannot find any public records for anyone named Ryan Hughes in Yonkers that are 31 years old. There is a listing for a 30 year old Ryan M Hughes of Yonkers, but we are not sure if that is this Ryan Hughes or not.

District Attorney Anthony Scarpino has been heavily criticized for taking too long to arrest Hughes. We cannot find a picture of Hughes online so for now we are including a picture of Anthony Scarpino.

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