Baltimore Police Officer Terry Love Suspended For Knocking Out Woman

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Baltimore Police Officer Terry Love was recently suspended for punching a black woman. In the video below you can see the woman is clearly drunk, crazy, or both when officers stop her car. She says and does a bunch of crazy things. Eventually she slaps Sgt. Graig Higley in the face a couple times and that is when Officer Love sucker punches her in the face. She falls to the ground unconscious and stays that way for awhile. Eventually backup arrived and she was taken to jail for assaulting Higley. The name of the victim is not known.

Within days of Love's suspension the Baltimore City Attorney's Office issued a statement saying that they would not charge Love with a crime. They said that they strongly disagreed with his actions, but that the conduct did not rise to the level of a criminal offense. That probably was due to a technicality, that technicality being that technically she had assaulted Sgt. Higley and that Love was technically assisting another officer that was under attack by using non-lethal force. The City Attorney's Office recommended that the Baltimore Police Department pursue internal disciplinary action. It is not known whether or not Love was ever fired for this.

The BPD will probably hail Love as a hero that saved Sgt. Higley from having to take her to the ground. Had Higley done so he would have been viewed as racist for being a white cop using force on an unarmed black woman. By taking this action himself, Love was able to avoid looking racist because he is also black. In prison this is known as doing your own laundry. The federal prison system is highly segregated and when a member of one race causes a problem with another race, such as putting hands on another race without permission form the shot callers of their own race, members of that person's own race discipline them the way Officer Love took it upon himself to discipline this woman. Unfortunately for Officer Love, society frowns on this type of behavior, especially when the one putting in work is a man and the target of his work is a woman.

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