Philadelphia Police Officer Richard P. Nicoletti Fired for 676 Attack

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Philadelphia Police officer Richard Nicoletti Jr. has been identified as being the officer to blame for an attack on protesters earlier this month that made headlines around the world. On June 2nd, police were caught on camera attacking protesters that were peacefully kneeling on Interstate 676 by ripping off their masks, pepper spraying them in the face, and knocking them to the ground. Philadelphia Police Chief Danielle Outlaw has suspended him for 30 days pending dismissal. Outlaw did not release his name at first, but anonymous sources within the department leaked it, so now people finally know who pig was.

Nicoletti's attack was followed by chaos during which the Philadelphia Police trapped a group of demonstrators between the side of the highway and a fence. Once trapped, the helpless protesters were bombarded with tear gas, flash bangs, bean bag rounds, and pepper spray (see prior article at Deputy Commissioner of Special Operations Dennis Wilson took responsibility for that attack and accepted a demotion.

Nicoletti has a history of killing people. In 2011, Nicoletti shot and killed Carmelo Winans during a shootout that left him in the hospital with a gunshot wound (

Nicoletti's father Richard Nicoletti Sr. made headlines in 2018 after he shot and killed Jeffrey Dennis during a traffic stop captured on surveillance video ( In that video only one of the undercover officers appeared to be wearing police clothing and that was just a vest over street clothes that said "POLICE" on the back. Dennis was moving his car around trying to get away, but the cops kept boxing him in with unmarked cars. Eventually Nicoletti Sr. walked up to Dennis' driver side window and shot him three times at point blank range. No charges were filed.

In the video below Chief Danielle Outlaw apologizes for the behavior of her officer in this incident.

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