Deputy Assistant Attorney General David Morrell Defends Feds in PDX

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Deputy Assistant Attorney General David Morrell went to bat for the Government in federal court today in response to a lawsuit filed by Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum on behalf of the people of the State of Oregon. Morrell told United States District Judge Michael W. Mosman that Rosenblum's request for an order restricting the conduct of federal officers so that their conduct does not violate the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights of lawful demonstrators would have a "chilling effect" on the ability of law enforcement to do their jobs. Restraints such as not retaliating against people for exercising their First Amendment rights, getting warrants or warrant exceptions before searching or arresting people, and affording people due process under the law have long been practices disfavored by law enforcement.

According to media coverage (see source link above article) Judge Mosman, a conservative appointed by George W. Bush, seemed to take issue with Rosenblum's case and only seemed to agree that is appears at least one protester was unlawfully detained. Mark Pettibone is the name of the man featured in a viral video (clip included in video below) getting kidnapped by federal officers in an unmarked SUV from Enterprise. In the video you can see two men in military fatigues get out of the car, walk up to Pettibone, and arrest him without using any words. As a result, Pettibone had no way to know if they were police or possibly right wing militiamen volunteering to help Trump. Like most federal judges appointed by Bush, Mosman has a reputation as a law and order judge, so this case will be uphill battle for Rosenblum.

David Morrell is a typical Trumpite who was appointed to his current position after serving as Associate Counsel to the President. Normally, when the feds are sued in Oregon they are represented by someone from the local U.S. Attorney's Office, so for him to come in from Washington just for this shows that the government means business.

The most recent property listing we could find in public records for Morrell is the following address which he appears to have owned since 2018, so there is a good chance this might actually be his current address.



DOB: NOV-1984

AGE: 35

Last Known Address:


Along with that address were several older addresses the timelines of which appear to mirror Morrell's career as he moved from California to Texas and the Washington D.C. area. We are listing this address for peaceful protesters seeking to air their grievances in a non-violent yet more personal fashion than they can through his office. We ask that no one threaten anyone at this location, refrain from damaging property, and do not physically harm anyone. This address is public record and can be obtained from countless online background check services for a small fee, but if you Google the address with his name you will see that it is available for free in elsewhere including the official website for the California State Bar (

He is of course not at this address right now and probably does not spend much time there. We believe that he is at a Hotel in Portland, Oregon most likely owned by Marriott Hotels (

Alexandria, Virginia seems a popular town for federal employees working in nearby Washington D.C. Morrell shares a zip code with Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf (

Like other recent address postings this is intended to be temporary. We will remove this once the current situation in Oregon is resolved. If Mr. Morrell wants it removed sooner he has three options:

1) Recuse himself from any and all lawsuits stemming from the federal crack down on protesters since the death of George Floyd.

2) Settle Rosenblum's lawsuit by agreeing to comply with all of her requests.

3) Hold a press conference asking Trump for permission to settle Rosenblum's lawsuit by agreeing to all of her requests and say at that conference that he is doing so at the request of

UPDATE: Today we learned that David Morrell has decided to leave the DOJ and as part of that he withdrew from every case in which he was representing the government. In doing so he satisfied our requirements for removing his home address from this page so it has since been redacted. We learned of this from a Tweet made by Politico Congressional reporter Kyle Cheney

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