Wheelchair Protester Dustin Brandon & Streamer Arex Johnson Arrested

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Portland, Oregon 97209

Last night Portland Police arrested wheelchair protester Dustin Brandon and live streamer Arex Johnson among many others including a man that was beaten on the ground by an officer outside the condo of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler located at the address above. You can watch a video of the wheelchair protester being arrested on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kHTOTC1_hQ and you can watch Arex Johnson getting arrested in the video embedded below.

We did not know the name of the protester in the wheelchair at first, but we recognized him. He is a familiar face at the Antifa and Black Lives Matter protests in Portland. We've always been impressed to see such a little man with such a big voice. He never cowers away from the cops no matter what. Clearly he has little man issues that are probably from getting tired of people asking him for the Ring of Mordor or wanting to know how Frodo Baggins ended up in a wheelchair. Fortunately he has learned that the police are a good outlet for him to take out those frustrations, but unfortunately he can't always wheel himself away from them fast enough and they use his lack of speed to justify harassing him.

Arex Johnson is a live streamer that is almost always at the protests documenting police brutality on Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/arexjohnson). She left her camera rolling the entire time she was being arrested and thanks to that you can get a first person view of what it is like to be arrested. She was obviously targeted for arrest specifically as an individual because you can see an officer target her with his flashlight before others walked around other members of the press to arrest her. They charged her with interfering with a peace officer and disorderly conduct. Totally frivolous charges for someone that was just standing on public property with a camera. Fortunately our new District Attorney Mike Schmidt has promised not to prosecute people for harmless offenses like the ones she was charged with.

The most disturbing footage of the night was of an unknown individual being beaten by a yet to be identified officer. In this video you can see an officer punching someone one the ground repeatedly (https://twitter.com/i/status/1300681972038037504). It is never alright for an officer to punch a person that is already on the ground. It does not matter that he refused to roll over onto his stomach. If you know the name of this officer please contact us.

Here's the thing. She's a homophobe. Don't believe me? She uses "Gay" as a slur against cops. No self-respecting person who genuinely supports the LGBTQ community would stoop that low. She's also not legitimate press, no matter what she says. She's a Twitch Streamer, and nothing more. She has no official platform, and no legitimate journalistic integrity to call herself a reporter or a journalist. She's an inciteful BRAT with a following of gullible Yes-men who think that by kissing her ass, they have a chance at her. Her male Followers are just Internet White Knights who suck on her taint in the hopes of getting to breathe in her farts.

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