Kyle Rittenhouse Case: Donald Trump Supports Cop Blaster's Position

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President Donald Trump weighed in on the Kyle Rittenhouse case with an opinion consistent with our conclusion that the Kenosha shooting was a self defense shooting. We have been following this case from the beginning and were one of the first websites to both identify Kyle Rittenhouse by name and say that he was defending himself ( We followed up that article with an in depth analysis of the Wisconsin self defense statue and the criminal complaint filed against Rittenhouse ( Our conclusion was that Rittenhouse had cause to believe that Joseph Rosenbaum was chasing him with the intent of causing him bodily harm, he exhausted all alternatives when he tried his best to run away, and only when Rosenbaum closed within a couple feet of Rittenhouse did Rittenhouse open fire out of fear that he would be seriously injured otherwise.

During a press conference at the White House today President Trump said, "That was an interesting situation, you saw the same tape that I saw, and uh, he was trying to get away from them I guess, it looks like and he fell, and then they very violently attacked him and it was something that we are looking at right now and its under investigation, but uh, I guess he was I guess in very big trouble, he would have been killed, its under investigation." There is no other import from that statement but the President Trump agrees with that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self defense.

We reached the conclusion that he defended himself not because we support one side this conflict. We saw a video of a young guy with a rifle running down the street, falling down, getting attacked, and firing on his attackers. We heard people in that video saying that he just shot someone, so we then sought out footage of that alleged shooting to see if that was really why he was being chased. Eventually we found footage showing what really happened at the car dealership. The video shows a 17 year old boy with a rifle running as fast as he could with a 36 year old convicted sex offender chasing him ( No reasonable person could possibly conclude that Rittenhouse did not have good cause to believe that Joseph Rosenbaum intended to harm him.

After we concluded that this unidentified kid with a gun was defending himself, we set out to figure out who he is. Eventually we found out that he was with a militia called the Kenosha Guard that went to Kenosha for the stated purpose of defending private property. Some time later we found out that the shooter is named Kyle Rittenhouse and Rittenhouse is a Blue Lives Matter supporter. At that point we were very disappointed because we realized that we just supported a self defense claim for a Trump supporter. We also realized that we could not reverse ourselves just because the self defense shooter happened to be a Trump supporter.

CNN and other left leaning media outlets have since been flooding the nightly news and the internet with fake news full of smoke screens clearly designed to make any potential juror believe that Rittenhouse is evil. These smoke screens are full of irrelevant facts like Rittenhouse illegally possessing the gun, traveling from another state, and having beat up a girl last month ( None of those things are relevant to the shootings in Kenosha except the beating of the girl, and that is only relevant because of how Rittenhouse was man handled by the boy after that. That video shows that Rittenhouse does not have the hand to hand combat skills necessary for him to have considered fighting Rosenbaum one on one a reasonable alternative to using his rifle.

The fake news is just a character assassination campaign intended to convince the public that this case is about fighting fascism and white supremacy. This fake news is totally inappropriate because the alleged fascist in question is not a white supremacist. No evidence supports the claim that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist. You cannot justify putting that jacket on someone just for supporting Donald Trump. You cannot conclude that someone planned in advance to go to Kenosha and provoke people for the purpose of claiming self defense after shooting them based on the real evidence in this case. Just because someone is a member of a militia, promotes Blue Lives Matter, and supports Donald Trump does not mean that they are guilty of murder.

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