Coral Springs Police Officer Gilbert Monzon Suspended for Racist Vids.

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Coral Springs Police Officer Gilbert Daniel Monzon was suspended this past week for posting racist videos on TikTok mocking immigrants. Clips from the videos aired by the mainstream media (see video below) are of Monzon filming the reactions of fellow officers while playing a pre-recorded track of a Mexican version of "Take Me Home, Country Roads." The voice was a clear mockery of Spanish speaking accents and the video itself replaced the line "to the place I belong West Virginia" with "to the place I belong Mexico."

Monzon justified the video as satire. He said it was an attempt to bond with his fellow Hispanic officers using sarcasm. He also said that he does not know how to properly use social media sites and blamed his children for changing the privacy setting of his account from private to public. Internal affairs called the videos disparaging against Mexicans, insensitive, abusive, and unprofessional before suspending Monzon for just two weeks.

puceter Says:

Gil is a great cop and person. Plus he is a Hispanic to boot. If you can't have some fun even with your own kind then the PC police is out of hand!

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