Portland Police Sergeant Kevin Warren

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Set Up On:
Category: Police - City
Last Known Station Address:
1111 SW 2nd Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97204
Kevin Warren Taunting Me:

Portland Police Detective Kevin Warren was warned years ago that there would be consequences to trespassing on my property and now he gets to actually experience consequences resulting from his actions. A little justice for a little man that serves a system that gives greater authority over one's property to the government rather than its rightful owner. No officer has the right to trespass on the property of another without permission from the property owner. By relying on a search warrant Officer Warren and failing to "wipe his ass" with it as instructed he has earned his place here on Cop Blaster.

One good thing I can say about Kevin Warren is that despite not being lucky enough not to lose his hair and not being able to make it grow back like he told me (see .pdf) he does have a common name. So common in fact that although his address is probably one of several listed for people about his age in the Portland area named Kevin Warren, there still are just too many of them for me to feel comfortable including one with this profile.

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