Portland Police Detective Paul Dolbey

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Category: Police - City
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Portland, Oregon *****
Paul Dolbey Being Disrespectful:

Portland Police Detective Paul Dolbey was warned years ago that there would be consequences to trespassing on my property and now he gets to actually experience them. Justice for a man that serves a system that gives greater authority over one's property to the government rather than its rightful owner. No officer has the right to trespass on the property of another without permission from the property owner. By relying on a search warrant and failing to "wipe his ass" with it as instructed Officer Dolbey has earned his place here on Cop Blaster.

Detective Paul George Dolbey is an easy man to find. Any public records search for his name will result in an address history that includes the police station. It is a dead giveaway. I am including his address in this report to give him a small taste of the activities against me that he supported, but without the physical threat part. Aggregating publicly available information is perfectly legal and this is no exception. Perhaps if he were more respectful I would have spent less time on him.

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