Wrong House? Dallas Officer Amber Guyger Killed Neighbor Accidentally?

Amber Guyger
Amber Guyger
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777 N Galloway Ave
Mesquite, Texas 75185

Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger is on trial for murdering her neighbor Botham Jean. She says it was the wrong house or in this case wrong apartment. She came home after a long shift and says she thought that she was in her own apartment. Then according to her she thought Jean was an intruder and shot him. So either this was another intentional shooting of an unarmed black man by a police officer or another shooting of an unarmed black man that the cop that did it claims was an accident. Either way she will be a cop in jail for a long time. She will have to go to a protective custody yard or she will be in the hole for her own safety in prison. Even if sent to a PC yard she will probably be beat up at least once for being a cop.

In her defense though this author knows what it is like to go into the wrong house while tired thinking it is his. When I was in USP Victorville I was so tired from the burpees that my fellow inmates had me doing that I went into the wrong cell thinking I was walking into mine. Every housing unit looked the same, I went into the unit next to mine, and to the cell in the same spot with the same number that mine would have been had I been in the right unit. I walked in on a Sureno taking a dump, left the unit as fast as I could, but because my draw string was broken my pants fell down on the way out. Her defense of being in the wrong place while tired is plausable.

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