Nurse Practitioner Angela Lee Listened but Should Have Helped

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Angela Lee Listened but did not act:

This page would have accused nurse practitioner Angela Lee of not listening to a patient had it not been so obvious that she was listening but just did not care what the patient said. I told her that I took a specific medication at a specific time. I told her the dose, she verified the dose with my pharmacy, but there was just one problem. Technically the dose was split between morning and night because when I had been released from the BOP that was how they did it. It was a medication that should only be taken at night so that is when I took it. The only reason I had a split prescription was because when people were taken off extended release in the BOP they were all given regular twice a day. When I got home I did not see the need for a different script because I could just take it all at night.

Angela Lee did not seem to care. She only gave me the choice between taking the prescribed evening dose in that amount at night and discontinuing the morning dose or taking both. She would not let me have the full dose at night like I should have gotten. Because I was an inmate she did not seem to care what I had to say. She looked at my weight gain, concluded that I had a metabolic disorder, and refused to "increase" my dose. I was not seeking an increase. I was seeking a dose equal to what I really took. I did not have a metabolic disorder. I know this because since my release I have lost 20 pounds. My disorder was being forced to eat jail/prison food. Even when they put me on a healthy alternative diet that still forced me to supplement with commissary because they feed you such a small quantity.

Conclusion, I would not have threatened to expose her had I not known that I was right. If she had just listened and cared about what I had to say I think she would have been more helpful. The threat was in response to knowing that her attitude towards inmates was the basis for her decisions. Had she treated me properly I would not have ended up in solitary confinement.

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