Disciplinary Trumps Medical According to Andrew Grundmann

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Deputy Andrew Grundmann of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) believes that disciplinary regulations at the jail trump medical needs. I found this out in 2017 when I was taken to unit 4F for disciplinary reasons. At the time my arm was broken and in a sling. The doctor that gave me the sling told me not to remove the sling until the next time I had an appointment. I told Grundmann this but he insisted that I remove the sling as part of a strip search. He said "that is medical this is disciplinary and disciplinary trumps medical." Lucky for me that the arm had healed enough that this incident did not result in any long term damage, but future inmates may not be so fortunate.

This is just one example of deputies thinking that their rules are more important than the health of other people. They will just do whatever their rules say and think just doing their jobs justifies it. That kind of thinking is what lowers the collective IQ people in that line of work. When making hiring decisions the sheriff rules out people that are more intelligent because smart people are not capable of just doing what a book says. They will see things that the book does not cover and make the right choice, which disqualifies anyone with intelligence from being a correctional officer.

If anyone else did something like this it wold be considered reckless endangerment but the law does not apply to law enforcement equally.

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