Inmates Spit on Antonio Lopezpalacios for a Reason

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Antonio Lopezpalacios
Antonio Lopezpalacios

Inmates spit on Antonio Lopezpalacios for a reason. He is a disrespectful, petty, and immature jerk that enjoys harassing inmates. Eventually the inmates have enough of him and fight back. That is was I was accused of a couple years ago when I was moved from administrative segregation to solitary confinement at the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC). I refused to remove my URL from my cell window and he refused to serve me my breakfast. Then he refused to serve me my lunch for the same reason. I was on restriction at the time so that was all the food I had coming. When he opened my food port for the medical technician after lunch Lopezpalacios said I spit on him. I am not saying that I did that but I am saying that he deserves to be spit on at a minimum if he denies meals to inmates for petty issues like a little writing in toothpaste on a cell window. If I had covered a good portion of it he could have called it a safety risk because he would not have been able to see inside well enough to safely serve the meals, but that was not the case here. It was just a little bit of writing and he could see me just fine.

When I was taken to the solitary unit I asked another inmate what he was in there for and he said it was for spitting on a deputy. When I asked who he said "Lopezpalacios." I laughed real hard because not only was he there for spitting on the same deputy, but I had not told him that I was also there for allegedly spitting on Lopezpalacios. The other inmate also told me a story about an inmate punching Lopezpalacios around the same time period. When I went back to MCDC in 2018 Lopezpalacios was nowhere to be found, but I don't know why. He was probably reassigned either due to his attitude or his own request.

I also witnessed Lopezpalacios using excessive force on a mentally ill inmate. The inmate would stick his leg out of his food port and Lopezpalacios clearly enjoyed twisting his leg until he pulled it back in. I am not going to say that a deputy is not justified in using force to put an arm or leg back into a cell. I am saying that he seemed to enjoy it too much and that he appeared to keep twisting the man's leg longer than necessary just to get it into the cell. He seemed like he was trying to make it hurt as much as he could without breaking anything as a punishment to deter him from doing it again.

Public records list Antonio Lopezpalacios as Lopez-Palacios with the Sheriff's Office under career details. He is listed here as Lopezpalacios because that is how his name appears on MCSO documents. It is not known how his name appears on his uniform because he always makes sure that his radio covers up the Palacios part. Then when inmates have a problem with him he will point to his name and say "I am Lopez."

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