Mason Dawson as Bobby Hill: Season 1 Episode 2

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Bobby HIll in His Own Words:

In this episode Bobby Hill tried to take an inmate to court in a black box, the inmate refused, Bobby backed off, and the inmate never went to court that day. Bobby then wrote up the inmate not just for refusing to go to court and follow orders, but also for disrespecting staff for calling him Bobby Hill. The incident report .pdf is being uploaded with this report. He also recommended that the inmate be placed in close custody for threatening to post personal information about Bobby Hill on this website.

That last part is the most egregious misconduct here beyond trying to make the inmate wear a black box device all the way to court. Black box devices are basically locks that go around handcuffs and connect to a belly chain. They should only be used under the most serious of circumstances because they cut off circulation and cause temporary nerve damage. But back to the last part, Bobby Hill recommended close custody for an inmate that never physically threatened or assaulted staff just because he threatened to post him on a website. Close custody is supposed to be reserved for the inmates that are the most dangerous and by dangerous that means physically dangerous. Close custody inmates are transported in black boxes anytime they are moved in the jail, they are kept separate from other inmates, and are dressed differently. A verbal threat that does not involve physical violence does not justify a close custody recommendation.

Cast in Order of Appearance

Bobby Hill as Mason Dawson

Inmate as Cyrus Sullivan

Deputy 2 as Chris Neifert

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