Detective Keith Albert Arrested NFL Player for Walking While Black

Detective Keith Albert
Detective Keith Albert
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Legedu Naanee Police Report:

Indianapolis Detective Keith Albert arrested former NFL player Legedu Naanee for walking while black through a crime scene in 2011. The charges were eventually dropped but not before causing Naanee unnecessary public embarrassment, money, and possible a lesser contract than he would have otherwise received as a free agent. He was only in town to meet with his agent, went out, got drunk, and stumbled into a crime scene at a night club where a shooting took place earlier. When Naanee asked the officers why they were being rude they pepper sprayed him, took him to the ground, and struck him twice.

While being checked out by medical Naanee said, "Do you know who I am? ... I am an NFL player and I am going to sue your ass."

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