Six Correctional Officers Busted in Massive Guam DOC Shakedown

Jeff Limo and Franklin Rosalin
Jeff Limo and Franklin Rosalin
Blast Zone No. 3313 - 0 Comments
Set Up On:
Old Prison Address:
Adult Correctional Facility
Mangilao, Guam 96913

Correctional officers Jeffrey Limo, Franklin Charlie Rosalin, Edward Crisostomo, Jerome Taimanglo San Nicolas, Gerry Hocog and Fermin Maratita were busted after a massive shakedown of the Guam Department of Corrections in 2018. Another employee, Ronald Meno, was also busted by he was not correctional officer. All either plea bargained or were convicted at trial. The charges ranged from introducing contraband like tobacco, drugs, and cell phones to carrying weapons while committing felonies.

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