Jamal Crooke Caught on Tape Choking Inmate in Chow Hall

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Who's the real crook in this video? Officer Jamal Crooke of the Virgin Islands Bureau of Corrections (BOC) can be seen attacking an inmate that did nothing other than stand up and complain about a cockroach in his meal. It has been reported that the inmate was nearly choked to the point of losing consciousness. Officer Crooke never faced any known criminal investigation or disciplinary action even though he was cited internally with misconduct and the BOC's own investigation concluded that the inmate posed no threat to Crooke. The video of the incident did not become public until the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) forced the BOC to turn over the tape as part of an ongoing lawsuit that the ACLU had already filed against the BOC over conditions at that jail.

The jail in question is part of the Alexander A. Farrelly Justice Complex in St. Thomas also known as the Criminal Justice Complex on St. Thomas. Crooke's supervisor, Myron Fredericks, also received a misconduct citation for not reviewing the incident within 48 hours.

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