Patricia "Snooki" Galvan is Not Cut Out for Guard Duty

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Patricia "Snooki" Galvan
Patricia "Snooki" Galvan

Patricia "Snooki" Galvan is one of those people that you can tell from day one is not cut out for guard duty at a correctional facility. I witnessed this at the Columbia County Jail in 2018. This little young lady had absolutely no idea what she was doing. I was there when she transitioned from trainee to deputy and it was obvious that somebody figured out that passing public safety school would be easy, so becoming qualified on paper would be a good job opportunity for her. The problem with that is that being qualified on paper and fit to guard violent inmates in the real word are two different things. Almost anybody can study the curriculum, pass some multiple choice tests, and follow directions in the field until someone says that they have the knowledge to be a correctional officer. Galvan is one of those people. At 23 she strikes me as a college dropout that realized she could at least find a decent paying job in corrections. At under five feet tall however that job is just not a good fit for her because I think it is only a matter of time until she is overpowered by an inmate and finds herself on the other end of a taser.

I remember when I jacked the food slot in B-Special because some of my commissary items had either been taken or not delivered, I don't recall which. She gave me warnings to put my arm back in as if she were in a position to force it back it. It was comical to see her bend down ever so slightly to reach the food port that is about thigh high on normal people. Then she grabbed my arm to force it back into the cell and I let her because I was nice and did not want to run the risk of pulling her in all the way. Then I'd probably get an assault charge and she would have been humiliated as the only deputy to have been pulled through a food slot.

Despite my kindness I still ended up on styrofoam trays for allegedly abusing the normal ones even though I never abused regular trays. The explanation for the syrofoam was BS but they probably figured I was smart enough to use the normal trays to jam the food slot open, so they came up with an excuse to deny me regular trays even though I had not abused them yet. I tried to get Galvan to give me a normal one by throwing the styrofoam tray on the floor but she refused. I was kept on styrofoam trays until the soaking of Sophie Frazier. Funny thing about those styrofoam trays is that they pile up in the cell and the guards go in there to get them when the inmate is not in the cell. Knowing this I filled mine full of water and sure enough a guard went in, tried to pick them up normally, and got soaked. That guard was Sophie Frazier who then falsely accused me of throwing urine on her according to Deputy U.S. Marshal Marc Nordquist. Had Galvan not incompetently put me on styrofoam Frazier would have saved herself a change of clothes and a load of wash.

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