Armando Olmos Might Have More Integrity Than His Co-Conspirators

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Senior Officer Armando Olmos might have a little more integrity than his co-conspirators but he also might be the one that landed the blow to an inmate that left him scarred for life. These conclusions are based on a review of Olmos' own statements and surveillance footage.

In a sworn affidavit Olmos stated that during a use of force incident on July 29, 2015, "I did hear a staff member saying something about him coming out of restraints but I don't remember who it was." The inmate does remember who it was, it was Senior Officer Specialist (S.O.S.) Tyler Oeltjenbruns. Oeltjenbruns also repeated the same false statement in a following memorandum and an affidavit. Other than stopping short of saying that the inmate actually slipped his cuffs, Olmos is just as dirty as the rest of them. What really happened was that once on the ground and cooperative the inmate was beaten so hard that a cut opened on his scalp. The cut that bled profusely. A few minutes later the inmate was moved to an observation cell where he was punched in the face by Lt. Scott Williams. Williams then placed the inmate in bone tight restraints and left him there for over an hour until the next shift forced him to walk to medical in bone tight shackles.

Some of this incident was captured on surveillance footage. That tape cannot be uploaded at this time because of a protective order in place as part of a lawsuit filed by the former inmate against the federal government and the officers involved. According to the BOP any images or video that shows the inside of a correctional facility is a security risk. Unfortunately, most of the beating took place in a blind spot but the footage does show a man in restraints being taken to the ground unharmed followed by a pig pile during which S.O.S. Saul Luna can be seen making punching motions, Olmos can be seen on top making a punching motion, and the inmate emerges with blood pouring from his scalp. The inmate's subsequent medical exam indicated injuries to the head and back far more consistent with a beat down than a pig pile. The footage also casts doubt on whether or not it was Luna that landed the blow that caused the cut because Olmos is in the position that the inmate thought Luna was in. The inmate couldn't really tell which officer was exactly where while he was on the ground being punched and begging them to stop. The motion made by Olmos was captured by the camera from a top-right angle where Olmos's back could be seen at the top of the pig pile where other officers were to his sides but not beneath him. At one point his shoulder blade moved back and forth quickly. This motion is consistent with a quick blow to the head of the inmate whose head was turned slightly to the left at the time.

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