Chief Deputy Derrick Peterson's Failure to Practice What He Preaches

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Chief Deputy Derrick Peterson
Chief Deputy Derrick Peterson

Chief Deputy Derrick Peterson was quoted in a brief Facebook video as saying that good leadership can be described in one word, "integrity." Yet Peterson himself does little to scrutinize the integrity of those under his command. For instance, in 2017 he was given a use of force package to review. It was sent to him for review by Captain Jeffery Wheeler, "Due only to the nature of the injury to the inmate." Peterson responded with one sentence, "I have reviewed the Use of Force packet." That is the end of his review. How great it must be for a deputy to know that if an inmate suffers a serious injury their commanding officer will scrutinize the integrity of their statements simply by claiming to have reviewed the incident reports. Just stating that he reviewed the incident without any opinion as to the incident reports he claims to have reviewed does nothing to assure the integrity of his subordinates or the quality of their leadership. If good leadership can be summed up in one word as integrity, then Peterson does not nurture an environment that fosters good leadership.

Perhaps if Peterson actually reviewed incident reports by his staff in depth and questioned the integrity of their statements, his subordinates would not feel free to injure inmates and make up stories to justify the injuries. If they knew that their statements would be reviewed to make sure that they were written by men with integrity they probably would not lie as much.

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