Who Censors Mail at the Multnomah County Jail?

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Category: Corrections - Jail Staff
Current Jail Address:
1120 SW Third Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97204
Mail Censorship Form:

Whoever censors the mail at the Mulnomah County Jail does a good job protecting themselves from grievances or being profiled on this website. I received this confiscated mail form in 2017 after someone tried to send me screenshots of this website. The mail was rejected for being "inflammatory material" that somehow threatens the safety of others. Apparently knowing about this website, seeing pictures of it, and reading the content is not a safe activity for inmates according to someone. Who is that person? Their signature as you can see is just a scribble. It looks like they are trying to make sure the pen has ink in it. Then the DPSST number is illegible, so there is absolutely no way of knowing who signed this.

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