OregonLive.com Running Pocket-Knife Ads with Jeremy Christian News

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This advertisement for a pocket knife was found on an article about the murder trial of Jeremy Christian on OregonLive.com, so it looks like CopBlaster.com is not the only website using Jeremy Christian to promote pocket knives. The Oregonian is doing it as well. They just don't have an endorsement from Jeremy Christian like we do and are not promoting the knife actually used in the stabbings like we are.

We are using a testimonial from Jeremy Christian to promote the Coast Rapid Response Knife through a revenue sharing program we signed up for (https://copblaster.com/blast/3357/exclusive-jeremy-christian-murder-weapon-customer-testimonial). The Oregonian ad appears to have been placed through native advertising by Taboola. Taboola uses contextual algorithms to match paid links to stories on other websites based on what they think a user is most likely to click on. Often the subject matter of the article weighs heavily to determine what native ads are run.

Jeremy Christian is on trial accused of murdering two men and seriously injuring a third with a Coast Rapid Response Knife. Christian claims self defense.

The advertisement links to this article https://www.deejo.com/en/4-reasons-to-upgrade-your-pocket-knife-immediately?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=native-ads&utm_campaign=taboola-native-ads-mai-2019&utm_content=advance-oregon promoting Deejo pocket knives. That knife does not look as functional as the Coast Rapid Response Knife used by Jeremy Christian. The Deejo knife looks like it is made more for style than self defense.

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