Jeremy Christian Jury Questionnaire Could Be Better

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Jeremy Christian Juror Questionnaire:

A Redditor known as /u/mrrx was nice enough to post a link to the Jeremy Christian Potential Juror Questionnaire on Scribd today. I downloaded it and am uploading a copy just in case anything happens to the original. I'm not sure if that potential juror broke any laws by doing this, if so at least can be trusted to leave it up even if other sites delete it. The questionnaire is quite interesting.

It begins by asking for basic biographical information (name, contact info, etc.) and follows with an introduction that lists the names of the alleged victims as well as what Jeremy is accused of in general. Several sections follow with titles such as Personal and Family Information; Residence Information; Military History; Formal Education Background; Organizational/Group Affiliations; Previous Jury Experience; Prior Experiences with Law Enforcement and Court Personnel; Personal Attitudes, Experiences, Interests, and Activities; Publicity; and finally Concluding Questions.

The first five sections seem boilerplate. They are probably things all jurors are asked for any trial. If answered truthfully the court learns irrelevant facts about the potential juror, their family, and employer. The criminal history questions ensure that no potential jurors know how law enforcement really operates. The employment section screens for people that have ever worked in law enforcement or have family members that have. The education section exposes anyone smart enough to question anything the government says, but it also exposes people that are smart enough to get out of jury duty and are choosing not to, which could indicate bias.

Section VI asks broad questions referring to group membership, but does not single out any group specifically. It seems focused mostly on exposing any groups that the person has given money to.

Sections VII and VIII expose potential jurors that have been jurors before or have ties to law enforcement beyond jury duty. They also look for personal experience filing police reports, views towards defendants in general, and finally weed out anyone with first hand knowledge of the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office's practices by screening for people with negative experiences with them.

Section IX finally addresses things relevant to Jeremy Christian's case specifically. It looks for people that might be familiar with how common it is for crazy people to use Tri-Met as a soapbox by looking for anyone that has ever used public transportation in Portland. Then it looks for knowledge of White Nationalism, which is what the government wants to make the case about. It screens for anyone that supports the First Amendment, has had their free speech rights trampled on, or have ever tried to tread on others in that way. They ask for prior opinions about Antifa and Patriot Prayer even though Jeremy is not and has never been a member of either group. It asks what bumper stickers if any are on their cars presuming that people only put bumper stickers on their cars if they have a strong opinion, but they don't ask if the car is used or if the stickers were there when they bought the car. Then they ask the juror to name pretty much everything they do online including what social media they use and what websites they have signed up for, which effectively eliminates members of and anyone that has ever followed us on social media. The section concludes with questions about interests in true crime, psychology, and their ability to look at gory images.

Section X attempts to find anyone that has not heard about the case yet. Since finding anyone that has not heard of it is impossible that question serves best to weed out liars by dismissing anyone that answers "no." The rest of the section is perhaps the most relevant part of the questionnaire because it asks if they can be impartial despite everything they think they know already.

Section XI concludes with asking if they know the defense attorneys or the judge, but not the prosecuting attorneys. They are also asked if they would want them on their jury if they were on trial.


This looks like a pretty thorough questionnaire. It could come in really useful if the jurors were hooked up to polygraph machines while filling it out. Otherwise it isn't anything anyone couldn't lie their way through easily. Noticeably missing are any questions regarding voter registration and what political party they register as. That could be quite useful. A far more useful tool than questions about Antifa and Patriot Prayer. Judge Albrecht should require the jurors to disclose their voting history so that both sides can know if they are Repubicans, Democrates, etc.

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