Lincoln Police Officer Amanda Crow Resigns Following Drug Bust

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Lincoln Police Officer Amanda Crow has resigned following her arrest on November 17th in a drug sting by the Oxford Police. She was booked into the Calhoun County Jail on charges of distributing methamphetamine but was later released. The arrest was the result of a September 21st sale to an undercover agent. Two days later Crow offered her resignation.

According to Crow's LinkedIn profile ( she was a domestic violence investigator with the Lincoln Police Department (LPD). Commonly referred to as "domestic violence dykes" female officers that work on domestic violence cases typically arrive on the scene of the most petty calls from damsels in distress seeking to twist the slightest evidence to make any man they encounter look like a monster. Crow had been doing that since 2012. Before that she was a patrol officer with the LPD for nearly two years and a patrol officer with the Talladega Police Department for nearly six years. She attended Lineville High School.

Former St. Clair County Sheriffs Deputy Matthew Mullinax was also arrested as part of the same investigation. He too was charged with methamphetamine trafficking charges.

Agencies involved in the investigation included the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office, St. Clair County District Attorney's Office, FBI, Pell City Police Department, Oxford Police Department, Cherokee County Sheriff's Office and the Alabama Department of Corrections.

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