Trenton Police Officer Mike Wilson Arrested for Statutory Rape

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Former Trenton Police Officer Mike Wilson has been arrested for statutory rape. Wilson was an officer in Trenton, Missouri not New Jersey since July of 2018. Trenton Police Chief Rex Ross announced the firing of Wilson before he was officially charged but said only that his firing was for violating department policy. The investigation was conducted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP). MSHP commonly investigates allegations of criminal wrongdoing by officers of other departments.

The investigation began after Wilson sent shirtless pictures of himself to a minor on Snapchat. During the investigation MSHP learned that Wilson had sexual intercourse with a 15 year old girl at his home in Trenton on September 3rd. MSHP says that the victim claims to have told Wilson that she was a minor before having sex with him. They also say that Wilson confessed to having sex with the girl, but did not way whether he confirmed or denied knowing she was a minor.

We were able to find public records for a 25 year old male named Michael Wilson in the Trenton area, but could not find an address in Trenton itself.

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