School Resource Officer Douglas Batchelder Busted for Coke at School

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Douglas Charles Batchelder was arrested for cocaine possession on Monday and booked into the Clay County Jail. Batchelder had been working as a school resource officer for the Clay County Sheriff's Office at Middleburg High School when a K9 unit found cocaine in his vehicle on school grounds.

We are not sure how Batchelder got the cocaine or if it was intended solely for personal use. He could have bought it off a student at the school or possibly confiscated it leaving some kid wondering why it was not reported and what happened to his drugs. Then again he may have been holding some of the coke for the students. There are few better ways to carry out a high school drug distribution operation than doing it as the school resource officer.

What is for sure is that school resource officers are required to undergo 144 hours of training and pass a drug test, so he probably did not start using until after he started working at the school.

Also known as "school guardians" school resource officers were mandated by the state of Florida as part of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act of 2018. Their primary purpose is to protect schools from active shooters, not shoot them up with drugs. Their official duties do not include giving highly addictive controlled substances to mentally unstable teenagers that just might push one of them over the edge. The state legislature never intended for "school guardians" to be guardians of the drug supply or to get so high that they can't shoot straight during the next school shooting.

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