Church Point Officer Rasiem Fredericks Arrested for Domestic Violence

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Church Point Police Officer Rasiem Fredericks was recently arrested for domestic violence and placed on paid administrative leave for the second time since 2018 by as many employers. While between jobs, Fredericks spent his time calling in bomb threats to 911, entering guilty pleas, receiving jail sentences, and looking for another department to hire him.

In July of 2018, then Basile Police Officer Rasiem Alexis Fredericks was arrested on domestic violence charges and subsequently placed on paid administrative leave. Despite that he managed to make headlines for still carrying a gun despite a court order directing him to surrender his weapons. In September of 2019 he pled guilty to charges of resisting an officer, battery, and false impersonation of a police officer. He was sentenced to over a year in prison, but the judge suspended the sentence and placed him on probation.

As part of his plea deal, the state dropped charges of making terroristic threats and conveying false information of a planned arson. Those charges were based on a phone call that Fredericks made to the St. Landry Parish 911 center in late 2018. During the phone call he gave his real name, identified himself as a police officer, and stated his intention to bomb the building. Those formed the basis for his charge of false impersonation of a police officer because he had by that time officially left the Basile Police Department. We are not sure exactly how he officially severed his ties with them, but the media reports that he was somehow re-instated to his position while his domestic violence case was still pending and then left on his own accord. By leaving on his own he could technically tell potential employers that he left his old job on good terms.

He was recently hired by the Church Point Police Department (CPPD) and was still in his probationary period at the time of his arrest according to CPPD Chief Dale Thibodeaux. We are not sure exactly which probationary term Thibodeaux was referring to, but we think it was probably the probationary term new officers serve with the department and not the probationary term he was still serving with the court. Thibodeaux did not explain how someone on probation was able to get hired as a police officer with his department in the first place. Officers like Fredericks are commonly referred to as Gypsy Cops because they bounce from department to department to stay ahead of their pasts. They get into trouble one place, resign before the department has time to officially fire them, and then get hired elsewhere by a department that does not do their homework. That still does not explain how Fredericks could have passed a criminal background check during his application process unless there was none.

This week Fredericks was arrested on new domestic violence charges. They involve an allegation that he slapped a six year old boy. The boy's mother called police after Fredericks sent her pictures of the boy looking beat up via social media. Fredericks claimed that he just put makeup on the kid to scare his mother as part of a prank, but the kid told police that no makeup was applied to his face and police noticed a visible red mark on his face. We believe that Fredericks had enough of the kid and decided to teach him a lesson. That lesson being that it is not a good idea for little kids to piss off sadistic cops. A valuable lesson that if learned could save his life someday.

According to our background check, Officer Fredericks has a history of serious criminal charges predating 2018. According to our background check service he was arrested in 2016 on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence in Hillsborough County, Florida. Fredericks was released on recognizance and the case was later closed without a conviction. We are uploading records from the Hillsborough County Court as a PDF with this report.

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