FBI Agents Infiltrating Portland Protest Groups

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The case of a Florida man recently arrested for allegedly breaking windows in Portland, Oregon after the election back in November reveals that FBI agents have been infiltrating protest groups in Portland. Jarrod DeFerrari of Sunrise, Florida was stopped by Multnomah County Sheriff's Deputy Nicholas Bohrer on November 4th. During the stop someone with DeFerrari's group identified himself as an FBI agent, said that DeFerrari was with a group of more than 100 people and that he had been following the group because they were rioting. DeFerrari is now facing charges related to the alleged riots, but was not indicted until this past week.

The protests in Portland have continued to be mostly peaceful despite the occasional broken windows and street fires. Police have habitually responded heavy handedly and indiscriminately. They fired rubber bullets, bean bags, tear gas, and other "less than lethal" munitions at entire crowds. Most of the people in those crowds have been peaceful. That is why the protests are called "mostly peaceful" because when you have a protest and most of the protesters are peaceful then it is a "mostly peaceful" protest. If you have a crowd of 100 people and 1 guy throws a mortar firework at the police line that does not justify firing on the rest of the crowd. That is what the Portland police and other law enforcement agencies have been doing in Portland. That just inspires protesters to fight back and that will continue to be the case as long as people like this mystery FBI agent continue to persecute those seeking the vary justice that they are supposed to be enforcing.

We do not know the name of the FBI agent at this time. We also do not have a picture or a physical description. We will keep an eye on this case for more information in the future. If you have any information regarding this agent or anyone providing any type of material support to the FBI in Portland please do not hesitate to post it on this site or contact us.

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