Coles County CO Anthony Golding Arrested for Sex with Inmate

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Coles County Corrections Officer Anthony Golding was arrested this past week on a charge of custodial sexual misconduct for having sex with a female inmate at the Coles County Jail. Custodial sexual misconduct is a felony. Golding is accused of having sex with a female inmate on December 15th or 16th of 2020.

There is no evidence of force being used to compel the woman to consent to the sex, but under the law an inmate does not have the legal ability to consent to sex with a supervising officer, so all sex between inmates and guards is legally nonconsensual. According to media reports, independent witnesses against Golding have come forward, but exactly how he was exposed or by whom remains mystery at this time.

We did a background check and found that one Anthony J Golding has spent a fair amount of time in traffic court over the years, but that is it. We could not find a mugshot or any picture of Golding, so we are uploading the above picture of the Coles County Jail staff from 2015 with this report.

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