Maricopa County CO Chad Swiman Arrested for Child Molestation

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Maricopa County Detention Officer Chad Swiman was arrested for child molestation yesterday. The alleged molestation took place between 2009 and 2013. He is charged with three counts of having sex with a minor and three counts of child molestation. The victim is said to be a family friend who is now an adult. We have no further details at this time.

We were about to find a LinkedIn profile for Chad Swiman ( and uploaded a screenshot as a PDF with this post. He listed his location as Waddell, Arizona, but we found public records linking him to 25571 W. Winston Dr. in Buckeye, Arizona. We are exempting Swiman from our usual courtesy of redacting addresses of police officers because he is charged with sexually based offenses. His prior criminal history is just a small number of speeding tickets and he was once involved in a bankruptcy proceeding. Chad Russell Swiman is 40 years old.

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