Philadelphia Officer Rahim Montgomery Arrested for Statutory Rape

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Philadelphia Police Officer Rahim Montgomery is now charged with unlawful contact with a minor, indecent assault, and other charges after a woman came forward saying that five years ago she had sex with Montgomery while she was still a minor. Montgomery is 40 years old today and would have been 35 at the time of the crime. The woman came forward in July of 2020 and an internal investigation was launched. That investigation led to Montgomery being suspended 30 days ago and arrested yesterday. The Philadelphia Police Department said that he will soon be dismissed from the force.

Montgomery was a PPD officer for 20 years. Williams was featured on a list of problem cops maintained by former District Attorney Seth Williams. We are uploading that list as a PDF with this article. The entry for Rahim Williams states that on October 15, 2016 "PO, while off-duty, destroyed property inside his home and assaulted his spouse." The entry goes on to say that Williams was found guilty of "unspecified conduct unbecoming" and suspended for 10 days.

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