Gaffney Officer Roger Michael Hadden Arrested for Sexual Battery

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Roger Michael Hadden was arrested this week on a charge of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree. His bond was set at $25,000. Not much is known about the specifics of the case at this point, but according to media reports it involved sexual battery on a person who was mentally incapacitated. From that we believe that this most likely involved a developmentally disabled victim or possibly someone under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

According to public records, Hadden is 38 years old, has over 20 traffic citations on his record, and resides at the following address:



We are exempting Gaffney from the usual courtesy of censoring home addresses of police officer because he has been arrested for a sex crime. It is common in sex crime cases for us to post home addresses in the body of the article as a warning for those that live nearby. Please do not use this information for a criminal purpose.

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