Salt Lake City Officer Michael Lee Hardin Arrested for Capitol Protest

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Michael Lee Hardin:

Former Salt Lake City Police Officer Michael Lee Hardin was busted by the feds on Friday. He now faces charges of Knowingly Entering or Remaining in any Restricted Building or Grounds Without Lawful Authority, Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds, Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building, and Parading, Demonstrating, or Picketing in a Capitol Building. The charges are a result of his participation in a mostly peaceful protest that took place at the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6th. The government alleges that the protest was also an attempt to overthrow the federal government without bloodshed. Hardin was booked and released with unconstitutional conditions.

Despite our dislike of Donald Trump, his supporters, and police officers in general, we realized long ago that the United States would be better off without Congress. As much as we dislike Thin Blue Line supporters, we cannot help but give them credit for trying. Trying to free the American people from its current form of government. Donald Trump was hardly the ideal person to lead this country, but he just might have been worth tolerating a little while longer if that is what it took to get rid of Congress and the Senate. The legislative branch has consistently shown that they are not competent to uphold the Bill of Rights. They view the Bill of Rights as an obstacle to getting what they want and have dedicated centuries to finding excuses not to honor the basic freedoms the the founding fathers wanted every American to have. As Mather Byles asked, "Which is better - to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away or by three thousand tyrants one mile away?" ( The answer to that question is neither. It is better to be ruled by a handful of competent tyrants one mile away. By that we mean that it is better to live in a society where important decisions are delegated to those of sufficient mental competency. It is better to be ruled by a republic whose decision makers meet certain criteria so that decisions are reasonably likely to be made with their minds and not to please the mindless. The current form of government allows the dumbest 51% of the population to make important decisions just by agreeing with each other. That needs to stop. Like we have said before, IQ tests should be a prerequisite to voting and only the those that score in the top 80th percentile should be allowed to vote ( Such a system would assure that important decisions are delegated to smart people. The legislature is a reflection of mindless influence. Their goals reflect the desires of the dumb over the clear thinking of the bright minded. Every American has the right to feel the way that the Hardin and others felt that day.

Evidence of unconstitutional acts by the current government can be found in Hardin's release conditions. He is prohibited from possessing a firearm despite the Second Amendment clearly reading as follows "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." It does not include exceptions that disqualify anyone from bearing arms. By no reasonable stretch of the imagination could those words be interpreted to include an exception just to make pretrial officers feel safe during a home visit as the court said to justify its order in this case. Such conditions prove that the government we live under is not legitimate. Because the government is not legitimate, Trump supporters have just as much a right as the rest of us to overthrow the government. Nobody deserves to be punished for trying to rid this country of the tyrants whose knees have found an everlasting place on our necks. Congress has done such a cleaver job manipulating the public that living without our Constitutional rights has become normalized. When a government official does something unconstitutional under color of law they think they are doing nothing wrong just because those above them falsely claim that they don't always have to honor the Bill of Rights. People say that government employees who are just doing their jobs are doing nothing wrong without realizing that all government employees are doing something wrong because without their enabling we would all be free.

We are not Trump supporters and would not have been happy with a Trump dictatorship, but at the same time we understand that the desire to get rid of Congress is desire that every clear thinking American should have. For that reason we do not fault Officer Hardin for his actions that day. We do however find nothing but fault for his action in the case of Thomas Pennington ( Hardin was named "Officer of the Year" in 2012 under false pretenses for arresting Pennington who was later wrongfully convicted or murder and imprisoned until an appeals court overturned the conviction. Pennington was a bad cop.

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