School Resource Officer William Sumner Arrested for Assaulting Kid

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William Sumner was employed as a school resource officer by the Darlington County Sheriff's Office (DCSO) until he was caught on camera assaulting a student at Lamar High School on Friday. He was subsequently fired and on Tuesday he was booked into the W. Glenn Campbell Detention Center on charges of third degree assault/battery and misconduct in office.

According to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), Sumner grabbed a male student by his clothes, lifted him from a chair, and shoved him into a wall. Court documents obtained by mainstream media outlets claim that Sumner "used an unreasonable amount of force and had to be restrained by the principal." Darlington had worked with the DCSO since 2014 and before that he was a Darlington Police Officer for over 20 years. Judging by his mugshot we suspect that may have also been in violation of DCSO fitness standards or that the DCSO has subpar fitness standards.

According to public records, William Kenneth Sumner is a 57 year old resident of Lamar, South Carolina. He has a small record for traffic citations and in 2000 he was cited for littering. He is a registered Democrat.

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