Guy Cardinale - Government Rat Informant Snitch

Blast Zone No. 35530 - 4 Comments
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Category: Snitches - Informants
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Guy Cardinale of New Jersey is a RAT. This SNITCH is a GOVERNMENT INFORMANT who poses as a SCRAP METAL dealer in sting operations.

Rdifazio Says:

To: Francis Rossi


Rdifazio Says:

Also catfishes women in wealthy areas on online dating sites & tries to steal from them

Rdifazio Says:

Worked at Alliant & nfp in nyc he lied his way in, collected his draw & never made any sales he is a criminal & con artist

Rdifazio Says:

Hishe goes by frank rossi now lives in nyc - 130 w 15 street apt 14g ny ny


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