Sacramento Officer Alexa Palubicki Arrested for False Reports

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Orange is the new blue in Sacramento where officer Alexa Palubicki was arrested yesterday on two counts of falsifying police reports. Her troubles began when fellow officers ratted her out last July. The subsequent investigation lasted many months and led to a house cleaning in which several other officers were suspended, but the department has not released their names.

According to media reports based on court documents, Palubicki and her partner stopped a black motorist on July 11, 2020. Palubicki approached the driver after he had "abruptly" pulled into a Shell station and gotten out of his vehicle. Palubicki told him that he had parked illegally, ran his name, found out he had a suspended license, and then searched his vehicle. The search was conducted over the motorist's objections and he complained verbally repeatedly that they did not have permission to search his vehicle. They did not have a search warrant for the vehicle. During the search they discovered Marijuana and a loaded handgun in a backpack. The motorist was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and driving with a suspended license. Palubicki wrote in her report that she observed the vehicle making a turn without a signal. That was later found to be a lie. Since the probably cause she cited as grounds for the stop was found to be false the case was thrown out.

The SPD is now investigating every case she was involved with during the three years she worked there. Her partner has been suspended along with several other officers. We are not sure what the second count of her indictment is based on, but it is probably similar to the first.

According to public records, Alexa Kimberly Palubicki is a 26 year old resident of Roseville, California. Her date of birth is 05/26/1994. She is likely linked to the email address alexapalubicki13[at] and the phone number 916-787-1778. Her voting registration lists her as non-partisan.

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