School Resource Officer Dale Tillotson Arrested for Lewd Molestation

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Chouteau Police officer Dale Tillotson was arrested yesterday for lewd molestation also known as lewd or indecent proposals or acts to a child. Tillotson was employed as a School Resource Officer by the Chouteau Public School District until these allegations were reported on May 14th. The victim said that Tillotson had touched him inappropriately during school hours. Tillotson was booked into the Mayes County Jail but later released.

According to jail records, Dale Leroy Tillotson is a 52 year old resident of Chouteau, Oklahoma. His booking number is 21-000559. We searched public records, but could not locate his current address. His most recent address is listed as a post office box and his most recent residential address was listed as only being through 2017. We did find voting records listing him as a registered Democrat.

A Google search produced a story about him being suspended in 2010 ( In that case he was arrested for assault and battery. Officers responded to a disturbance involving Tillotson, his wife, and two other people. Tillotson told officers that he was afraid of losing his job because he punched one of the other people for calling his wife a bitch. The person he punched was a woman who asked Tillotson what he would do about her calling his wife a bitch. Officer Tillotson was on duty and in uniform when this incident took place. We are not sure what the disposition of that case is, but we think it was likely dismissed due to the fact that Tillotson remained employed by the CPD and our background check of Tillotson did not produce any record of it. It was likely expunged, but because it proved Tillotson does not have what it takes to be a real cop he was reassigned to school resource officer duty. If you have more information about Tillotson please contact us.

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