Las Vegas Police Officer Samuelito Quijano Arrested for Theft

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Las Vegas Police officer Samuelito Quijano was arrested for taking part in an organized theft ring. He is facing charges of grand larceny, possession of stolen property, and conspiracy to commit burglary. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) says that Quijano was assigned to the Enterprise are command and has been on the force since 2017. He has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the case and an internal investigation. A LVMPD spokesman said that more charges are expected.

Nothing else is known to us at this time due to the LVMPD not saying much, so we can only speculate as to why Quijano did these things. He probably started off with the best of intentions before being tempted by the sins of his city. His first theft was probably something small that he figured wouldn't be noticed, but it made him feel a thrill that he never felt before. The thrill of being bad. Then he probably took another small something, but the thrill was not the same, so he had to kept taking more and more until one day his superiors finally had enough. He surely isn't the only sinful cop in sin city, but it takes a special breed of sinner to be cast out of that place.

According to public records, Samuelito Quijano is a 34 year old resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. He has no prior criminal history. He is a registered Democrat.

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