San Antonio Officer Dezi Rios Arrested for DWI - Has Road Rage History

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San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) officer Dezi Rios was arrested last night for drunk driving as well as failure to stop and provide information. This is just the latest demonstration of bad character by Rios who shot two people during a road rage incident in 2018. He has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the new case.

The SAPD says that Rios was off duty when he got into an accident with a 61 year old man and fled the scene. The man followed Rios and confronted him. Police say that Rios assaulted the old man during the confrontation, but for some reason he has not been charged with assault. However, the investigation is ongoing and the statute of limitations is far from expired, so hopefully he will face assault charges soon.

In 2018 Rios got into an off-duty shootout with Demontae Walker in the parking lot at the AllStars Gentlemen's Club. Both men were shot multiple times and Walker's cousin was shot in the head but survived. Walker was left paralyzed and charged with a crime. Rios was suspended for just 15 days even though the investigation revealed that he had been drinking prior to the shooting. Walker's attorney Charles Adams said, "I think it's about time that he has been charged with a crime. He is an awful, awful person and a bully." The local media covered the 2018 case extensively and you can read more at

According to public records, Dezi James Rios is a 38 year old resident of San Antonio, Texas. His last known address is 2722 Summit View. We normally don't publicize home addresses of law enforcement officers, but we make exceptions when we think the disclosure improves public safety. Due to Rios' demonstrated violent tendencies and alcohol abuse we think people need to know where he lives so that they can avoid that location. He has already shot two people and injured a third while gainfully employed, so we would hate to see how he acts when he has nothing left to lose. Please do not use this information for any unlawful purpose.

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