Aurora Officer Francine Martinez Arrested for Failure to Intervene

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Arrest Affidavit for Francine Martinez:

Aurora Police Officer Francine Martinez is facing charges for failure to report use of force by a peace officer and failure to intervene. The charges stem from Officer John Haubert pistol whipping, choking, and otherwise assaulting a helpless unarmed black man. You can watch the body camera footage of this incident in the video embedded below this article, read the arrest affidavit (see PDF link above map), and learn more about this case by reading our last article about John Haubert (

Martinez can be seen in body camera footage actively assisting Officer Haubert as he brutally pistol whipped a defenseless unarmed black man who made no aggressive moves whatsoever. Martinez did nothing while Haubert choked the man for 39 seconds. It is good to see a police officer finally being held accountable for failure to intervene. The victim in this case is lucky he didn't end up like Geroge Floyd and maybe if prosecutions like this become the norm nobody else will.

According to public records, Francine Ann Martinez is a 40 year old resident of Denver, Colorado. She is a registered Democrat with no prior criminal history.

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