Forest Hill Officer Logan Barr Arrested for Shotgun Execution

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Forest Hill Police officer Logan Barr was arrested by Texas Rangers on July 28th for the shotgun execution of a black man back in June. He was booked on a charge of aggravated assault with deadly weapon by a public servant and quickly bonded out of jail. This type of catch and release is all too common when white officers murder black men in the south.

Michael Ross was mentally disturbed when he stabbed Kiyana Hall to death in a parking lot on June 9th. Ross tried to run away, but police caught up to him in a nearby creek. Ross was still armed with a knife, but he never got closer than 15 to 20 feet away from officers while he paced back and forth. According to media reports, body camera footage caught what happened next. The ranking officer instructed Officer Barr to retrieve a non-lethal shotgun from his vehicle. Non-lethal shotguns are painted orange so that officers can clearly tell them apart from their lethal black painted counterparts. That didn't stop Barr from grabbing his black painted shotgun and shooting Ross twice. Ross died instantly.

According to the Texas Rangers, "Ross did not pose a reasonable and immediate threat of death or bodily injury to officers or others when he was shot." That is probably because he never tried to walk or run towards the officers. He didn't even make any threatening gestures. He just walked back and forth a safe distance away. There was no reason to use lethal force. Police are trying to make it look like a case of poor training due to Barr's youth, but unless he is color blind it seems he didn't care enough about a black man not to grab a black shotgun.

According to public records, Logan Andrew Barr is a 23 year old resident of Keller Texas. His last known address is 807 Sequoia Lane. We are making that address publicly available due to the obvious risk Barr poses to the public. He should be charged with murder for intentionally shooting someone with a lethal weapon twice, but he is only charged with assault. He should be in jail without bail as an accused murderer, but instead he was let go right away. We want people in his area to be careful and not to approach him. Please do not use this information for any unlawful purpose. We are only exempting the address from our usual policy of censoring home addresses of cops because he killed someone and we think public safety is improved by people knowing where he is. Even if he made an honest mistake people need to be warned about anyone that reckless.

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